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The Swarm, by Tim Fitzgerald

Josh Bateman has inadvertently unleashed the terrifying weapon that his brilliant father dedicated his life to creating.

This new artificial intelligence weapon, The Swarm, has isolated the valley of Rolling Oaks, cutting it off from the world and beginning the systematic extermination of the human population. It is up to Josh and his gamer friends to use the scant resources available to stop The Swarm before it unleashes its latest version on the rest of the world. 

In The Swarm by Tim FitzGerald we experience the terrifying possible future of a weaponized artificial intelligence that turns on humanity. The military and government are helpless to respond. It is up to one small group of survivors led by Josh Bateman who fight back using their cunning, their gaming skills and their humanity to prevent The Swarm from fulfilling the hopes and dreams of its creator, Josh Bateman’s father. 

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