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The Tempter’s Bane, by Kyle McCurry

The company has been separated.

The goblin chief has been defeated, but the goblins have regrouped and resumed their search. Adroegen has taken a fall over a cliff and may be gone, while Caitren is captured and will be brought before the evil lord Vyroun, who will soon wage war upon the kingdoms in the north. Gleowan and Vaenn search for Caitren, while Edelbir and Kattalin must find Adroegen, as well as a hidden kingdom of dwarves to aid them against Vyroun.

The Tempter’s Bane is the second installment of The Drifters’ Road series, in which Adroegen’s friends lose their guide in lands unknown to them. On their own, they despair over the coming assault from Vyroun, and over fear that their friends might be gone.

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