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The Unexpected Visitor, by Wanda Shelton

She looked like any other normal ten or eleven-year-old girl, but much to Lisa’s surprise, the girl was nothing she had ever encountered before.

During a raging blizzard, Lisa finds a frightened and confused young girl huddled in the hen house. Once inside the warmth of the kitchen, Lisa discovers the girl is actually a time traveler from the distant future. She has traveled back to 1948 to change events that led to the dreadful conditions of the world she occupies. Lisa persuades the girl she calls Goldie to take her back to 1938 to try and save her mother’s life. Lisa’s mother died when she was only ten months old and she longs to see her mother’s face, hear her voice, and feel her touch.

The Unexpected Visitor by Wanda Shelton has many twists and turns, unforeseen dangers, and a feeling of warmth and love that will touch your heart.

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