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The Unsolvable Intrigue: An Anthology of Poetry and Short Stories, by D.C. Stoy

The winding roads we endure in life are one of our greatest mysteries and unpredictable circumstances; we travel those roads fearlessly, unabashedly, and full-steam ahead in this journey-filled endeavor.

This non-traditional book uses an unorthodox form of speculative non-fiction, speaking from numerous personas, with visceral language and intriguing storylines. It delves into the importance of perspective both individually and collectively, ranging from the receptivity of internal sentiments to the adventurous mystique of well-known historical figures.

In The Unsolvable Intrigue: An Anthology of Poetry and Short Stories by D.C. Stoy, we experience an introspective dive into historical, fictional, and current-event-related topics, uniquely orchestrated in poetic form. This collection displays Stoy’s creative and ideological repertoire, prompting emotional discoveries and philosophical reconfigurations, challenging readers to expand their paradigms and increase their self-awareness.

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