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To Be Human, by J.D. Puett

In five fictional action-packed novellas and novelettes, the author takes the reader to many geographical locations with challenges to our concept of what it means to be human.

These narratives feature a Miami-based physician-scientist and a Venezuelan drug baron brought together, each exploring new boundaries; a shattered war veteran who seeks a solitary existence in a remote area of the Adirondacks only to have his life interrupted by two unexpected visitors; a successful New York financial wizard with precognitive ability who moves to Tuscany and becomes involved with a family business reminiscent of the Mafia; the life of a young student thrust into the vicissitudes of life in a remote Maya village in Guatemala who matures into a caring physician after having his moral code challenged, and a young student who questions the meaning of life after reviving a human brain from a deceased individual.

In To Be Human by J.D. Puett, the reader experiences situations where the protagonists must make choices to issues outside the accepted norms such as: does a good outcome justify the means of achieving it, can revenge be reconciled in terms of justice, and do the frontiers of human medical science have moral limits?

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