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Twins Daze, by Jerry Petersen

Three sets of twins attending the annual Twins Days festival are about to have their lives — and their whole universes — turned inside out.

Teens April and May are there on their own for the first time. Along with elderly funeral home operators Jeff and Davis, and middle-aged fraternals Minnie and Max, they are split apart when something strange happens: Half go to a universe where twins are unheard of, so there’s no festival going on. The others go to a different universe where almost everyone is a twin — so again, there’s no festival.

How did they get there? Does it have anything to do with the pains May has been having? How can they get back where they belong?

In Twins Daze, a truly delightful debut novel, Jerry Petersen explores the issues of what is and isn’t normal, and how society reacts to those who are different.

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