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Tyler the Timid Taco, by Eva Monhaut

Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit in?

This is the story of Tyler, one very, very timid taco at Guacamole Middle School. Tyler is continually tormented by two bullies, Beef Burrito and Spicy Taco, but he’s too afraid to tell his parents. One day, Tyler decides he can’t take it anymore. He secretly skips school to hide out at the library, hoping he can avoid people altogether. To Tyler’s surprise, he runs into another kid at the library! Will this stranger turn out to be a bully, too? And will Tyler every be able to ask for help and stand up to the bullies at school?

In Tyler the Timid Taco, children will learn how to deal with school bullying by bringing in a trusted adult. Young children will also learn to embrace their unique identity and make healthy friendships with others. Tyler the Timid Taco is a testament to the power of building friendships, setting healthy boundaries, and embracing the differences that unite us. It also raises awareness about school bullying.

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