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Ulser, by R.J Deeds

Ted Black has landed the job of his life – company car, top man, enough to afford a mortgage on a house in the best part of town. On his first day at Eirtran, he encounters Ulser, who has had an “accident” on the shop floor. Ulser had never been previously confronted about his suspect behaviour at work, and he doesn’t appreciate Ted’s interest in his predicament.

Ted’s sense of right and wrong drive him to sort out Ulser, but Ulser continues to cause mayhem, poisoning the atmosphere at the workplace, leading to pickets and all-out strike. Ted’s home and family are under attack – graffiti on his house, strange calls during the day and night, even arson. Ted is certain Ulser is behind it all, and he vows retribution.

As Ted dispenses of his moral compass, rapidly descending to the darkest recesses of his mind, Ulser is the one who must pay the price. Can Ted’s subsequent spiral into debauchery and alcoholism lead to him losing everything? And when Ulser and Ted are finally reunited, will we realise that nothing that went before was what it seemed?


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