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Unconditional: Loving and Losing An Addict, by Lizzy and Adam

A portion of the proceeds will go to Helping Up Mission in Baltimore, MD.

This is not just another addiction memoir; it is a voyeur’s window into the love and loss experienced by two people: one now dead of an overdose and one still alive despite heartbreak.

Childhood friends Lizzy and Adam drifted apart when he started using drugs in high school. By the time they reconnected, shortly after Lizzy’s college graduation, Adam had one year clean. Ignorant to the complexities of addiction and recovery, Lizzy believed she and Adam were soulmates and that their love would overcome all obstacles. When Adam relapsed, she realized that loving him unconditionally would be harder than she thought. After Adam lost his battle to heroin, she was left alone to fight against her grief and depression.

In Unconditional: Loving and Losing An Addict, Lizzy copes with her loss by stitching together remnants of their innermost thoughts and private conversations and weaving a non-fictional narrative around them. She describes her ongoing journey of healing, and hopes that her story will help others who love an addict, or who have loved and lost an addict, feel less alone.

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