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Unraveling Fate, by Marian Vallotton

Cancer can take your breath away. Mindfulness can bring it back.

After battling cancer on numerous occasions, Marian Vallotton has an intimate and deep-rooted connection to the disease. Beginning at the age of 18 with her first diagnosis followed by subsequent episodes in her life, she—now, much later in life—unites with the reader in sharing her story along with the Mindfulness practices she has used to provide moments of respite and calm amid the cancer storms.

As a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and practitioner, Marian encourages you to experiment with self-reflection, and provides you with helpful, easy-to-follow approaches to better understand and handle your own cancer experience. As a cancer patient, voracious for understanding and peace, Marian searched for books to take the edge off, to act as a salve, to give her momentary peace.

Here in this book, Marian has compiled the stories and guides as an answer for others in their search for inspiration and assistance. It’s all the information that she herself was seeking, lovingly compiled here as a gift to you, that your journey may be eased by her efforts. If you too are in this space, with your own cancer journey or supporting a friend or family member in theirs, take a moment to pause with The Unraveling of Fate. Because, while cancer can take your breath away, the collective of stories and mindfulness exercises offered here can help release the tension and return your breath back to you despite the many obstacles encountered along the way.

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