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Voodoo Hideaway, by Vance Cariaga

The door wasn’t supposed to be there. Elrod knew it, but he pushed it open anyway. Now he’s caught up in a world of mob money, loaded guns, and fabulous lies. Should he trust the pretty jazz singer with the big plans? Or his own instincts, which tell him to bolt out of town on the first bus headed west? By the time he figures out the real scheme, he’s knee-deep in something that can only end up badly, and there’s no way out except to ride the voodoo to the bitter end.

Vance Cariaga’s Voodoo Hideaway is a classic noir novel spanning fifty years and featuring a cast of memorable characters, all caught up in a web of lies and intrigue that sends them on a collision course to a bloody showdown. The story combines the best elements of crime fiction and sci-fi, with a healthy dose of humor tossed in, building tension chapter by chapter until the explosive finale.