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Waiting ‘Round To Die, by Chris Grant

A mind-bending drive into the abyss.

A nameless man, existing perilously close to the edge, flees his suburban home for the open road in a last-ditch effort to connect with the life he once lived. On the road he finds his long-lost uncle who takes him on a continent-spanning adventure where they meet Civil War generals, a legendary Navajo, and a rotating cast of characters who may, or may not, have the answers to the questions the man is asking. Over the course of thousands of miles and through countless towns and bars, they hastily push toward the western horizon and the promise it may hold.

Waiting Around To Die is an unflinching look at the ravages of time and the quest for meaning in an otherwise inconsequential existence. A sometime travelogue, mixtape, and recipe book, Waiting Around To Die is, at its core, a “coming-of-middle-age” story, which takes readers to the very brink of an existential crisis where all bets are off and the future is no longer guaranteed.

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