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Weightless, Woven Words, by Umar Siddiqui


Ever needed a therapist on your nightstand? Well now you can simply get that by picking up this book!

It is dire that everyone pays attention to their own mental health and can be positive about life and sensitive to others. Today, we are shedding more light on mental health issues, and having this book is key. People should find solace and resolve in poetry. In Weightless, Woven Words, we trace poetry from the pensive mind of Umar Siddiqui from themes like “Desperation” and “The Human Condition,” that one confronts to the idea of varying perceptions to the idea that life is a journey.

Poetry is a long-standing art and needs to be practiced and read with self-care. It needs to be approached with a broad mind, and that is what we must do to make the most out of Weightless, Woven Words.

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