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Welcome If You Dare, by Stephanie Frances


This book is not a horror story, although you could say it is; as what took place in the early 1950s was a nightmare.

When we step into someone’s house, we’re not just entering their home We are stepping into their lives, dreams, goals and beliefs. Do we dare?

Joana and Hank hope you do. Do you dare? So then, brush your shoes off and step inside. The only problem you’ll face is that Hank and Joana do not possess any of the above. They are like two lost souls on an island. The fish are out there, but without a rod, Hank and Joana don’t know how to catch any. And so they are slowly starving. Without goals, dreams, aspirations to be fulfilled, they jump into the lake and just float around.

Can they be saved? Will they be saved? Come inside and find out.

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