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Wolf of the Aegean: Book One of the Seafourthe Saga, by Daniel McKenzie

Wolf of the Aegean, Book One of the Seafourthe Saga, is a gripping sea story rooted in history. It follows the journey of the Wolf of the Aegean, a passionate freedom fighter and privateer, and his loyal crew as they stand against the might of the Ottoman Empire and, later, the world’s great empires.

As they sail through the chapters, you’ll be immersed in a tale of action, adventure, daring missions, and perilous encounters with historical figures. Amidst the chaos, an unexpected love story unfolds when the Wolf meets his Aphrodite, Lady Lynden Seafourthe of Scotland. Love at first sight becomes a reality in the enchanting Garden of Chateau-Versailles, Paris.

But love is never simple, and as the Wolf embarks on a journey to fulfill Lady Seafourthe’s contract to Cathay, he discovers that vengeance demands a heavy price. In a world where history unfolds in a cycle of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, the Wolf’s path is paved with challenges and heart-wrenching decisions.

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