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Wolves and Empires, by Daniel McKenzie

Captain Lucien Dumaine is directed to France by the Orthodox Church in an alliance with Cardinal Richelieu on the political chess-board and immediately sails to Europe, receiving a grand welcome. His Red Eminence, Cardinal Richelieu, orders his new privateers to sail to the Spanish Main, pirating in the Caribbean.

The Captain and crew sail to the Caribbean and join with the infamous Brethren of the Coast, where the Wolf plans a heist of Spain’s major shipping port at Vera Cruz, Mexico. The ship, the Vengeance, deals with a hurricane leaving the Spanish Main, but escape “the storm in a teacup” and are welcomed back to Paris with praise by Richelieu.

In the Gardens of Chateau-Versailles, attending a gala in his honor, the Wolf meets Lady Seafourthe and her partner, Nanciene Duvalier, owners of the Joyful Widows, the most fashionable and celebrated apparel salon at Paris. She presents the Wolf with a sailing contract to voyage unto the China Seas to garner silk and corner the market in Europe. The Wolf defends the ladies from being assaulted in the gardens, when Lynden and Lucien are struck by the lightning bolt of love.

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