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Worlds Apart: A Memoir of Uncertain Belonging, by Sarah A. Lutterodt

Proceeds from the sale of Worlds Apart will be used to benefit various development projects at the Nii Sowa Din Memorial cluster of schools in Ashaley Botwe, Ghana.

Worlds Apart follows Sarah Lutterodt from her sheltered post-war childhood on a farm in southern England, through her life-changing years teaching university in Ghana, to her immersion in the rough and tumble of the American business world. With her husband, a Ghanaian mathematician, she struggles to find a place for her biracial family in an America that isn’t always welcoming. In retirement, Lutterodt lives between two worlds: a newly experienced Ghana and an America for whom Africa too often remains the ‘dark continent.’

“Worlds Apart, the story of a British woman who finds love in Ghana and goes on to create a successful business while raising a mixed-race family in America, is a compelling read. With moving insight, Lutterodt shares how boundaries can be broken, and life can be “win-win” both in the business world and in our human relationships.”
− Frank Sasinowski, M.S., M.P.H., J.D., recipient of 2021 Pontifical Hero Award for Inspiration.

“Lutterodt’s memoir weaves an exquisite tapestry of her life’s odyssey, reminding us that the quest for identity transcends borders. As a fellow traveler of diverse identities, I felt a genuine connection to her story which she handles with love, grace, and wisdom.”
− Josephine Garmen, Executive Director, Healey International Relief Foundation

“Worlds Apart is a lovely and inspiring book, full of courage and compassion, as the author moves from one world to another and another. Lutterodt’s determination to defy the conventional mores about women’s place in society will resonate with readers.”
− Joan Neal, Deputy Executive Director, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

“This brilliant and insightful book explores the author’s experience between worlds too often separated by a lack of cultural awareness.”
− Dr. Tom Eberle, former Director of the Living School, Center for Action and Contemplation

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