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Yellow on Blonde, by Stephen M. King

A vulnerable girl of mixed-race ancestry, driven to suicidal despair by adverse circumstances, overcomes her demons when she unites with a younger sister in a gentler, more forgiving place across the globe.

This story is about two sisters on different continents — Celeste in Los Angeles, and Molly in the Philippines — and the odyssey Celeste must undergo to reach and bond with Molly. Due to Celeste’s having been raised in the Los Angeles lifestyle, she doesn’t put a premium on family until she goes through a series of circumstances including a traumatic breakup with a popular boy, a car accident resulting in a broken leg, a lengthy rehabilitation, an acute depressive episode, and a bout with alcoholism. A therapeutic intervention sets Celeste on the path towards her trans-Pacific journey to connect with Molly.

In Yellow on Blonde by Stephen M. King, we experience a detailed view of two distinct cultures and a poignant sibling relationship that connects them. This novel delivers a panoply of emotions we have all experienced — anxiety, anomie, hope, expectancy, excitement, joy, heartbreak, despair, and renewal — and wraps them up in a climax everyone will revere.

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