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Advice for writers

How does Atmosphere Press publicize its authors?


We promote our authors heavily through social media and email newsletter campaigns, as in the current climate these are the truest ways to reach and expand audience. We also use an international distributor to make your book available globally. Given that an author is typically one of the primary driving forces behind the success of a book, we also set up our authors with a big one-on-one call with a book promotions expert on developing a suitable marketing strategy that fits the author’s needs, and will give direction wherever possible, whether it be through media advertising buys, setting up a book tour, or getting the word out through grassroots social media promotion. We even have a database of independent bookstores, as well as a 35-page marketing tutorial, that we share with authors, because we know that the transition from “writer” to “author” can be a tricky one. And if you do want some more hands-on assistance with shepherding your book into the world, beyond our standard contract we offer an awesome comprehensive Book Boost Publicity and Promotion add-on to acquire reviews, land interviews, do targeted advertising buys, and a bevy of other strategic publicist and sales rep maneuvers you may not want to undertake on your own. You can schedule a call with our Book Publicity Director to learn more, and if you want to see the Boost Timeline to see more about how that package works, check it out:

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