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The Press Partnership Program:

A Revolutionary Way for Presses to Work Together

...and to monetize your rejection pool / slush pile.

As a highly selective publisher or agent, you certainly have a heap of manuscripts wandering in your door, through open reading periods, contests, or completely unrequested. Sadly, you’ll have to reject nearly all of these, losing them for bona fide economic gain for your press. That’s where the Press Partnership Program comes in. 

In short, if your rejected authors submit their manuscript to Atmosphere Press, we pay you for the referral. It’s 100% optional for authors, so no shady business whatsoever. Like we said, it’s revolutionary, and it’ll benefit your press, our press, and, most of all, authors whose books don’t have a home.

But who is Atmosphere Press? Founded in 2015, we’re a hybrid publisher founded on honesty, transparency, professionalism, kindness, and making awesome books, and you can see some of our partner organizations below. We’re on the up-and-up, and we’re excited to tell you more about how the program works!


Interested? Let us know!
Because we're excited to show you how it works.

hybrid publishing partners of Atmosphere Press

A sneak peek at how it works...

This is what typically happens in the contest/open reading period literary community:

1. Press gets hundreds or thousands of submissions and picks some small number of winners

2. Everyone else receives rejection

3. Rejected leads are therefore lost for financial value to the press, unless they submit for likely re-rejection in the next reading period

4. Authors are often frustrated for years, and many have no viable path to a professional publication experience

And this is what happens with the Press Partnership Program with Atmosphere:

1. Press gets hundreds or thousands of submissions and picks some small number of winners

2. Everyone else receives rejection

3. Rejected authors later receive a letter from the Press (we will provide you with a recommended Sample Author Outreach Email; you can edit as needed)

4. Any author who sends to Atmosphere via our Submission for Referrals page and selects your press from a dropdown menu earns you a $5 referral fee. And you get 2% of the total publication contract for any author who signs on with us. The average contract amount would net you $80 in commission, so that plus the $5 referral fee for a submission you rejected would earn you $85. If just fifty of your rejected authors send to us and we publish five of them, that’s $650 discovered for your press.

5. Authors can choose to work with Atmosphere of their own volition as an alternative to the waiting game, self-publication, or never seeing their work produced at all

We do this with an ethical bilateral contract, with no pressure for you or your rejection pool. Everyone wins.

The Atmosphere Press Team

What Our Authors Say

Interested in the Press Partnership Program? Let us know!
Because we're excited to show you how it works.