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An Interview with Ben Cooper, Author of All Nature Sings

Ben Cooper is a husband, father, author, speaker, educator, and beekeeper. He grew up on a family farm in western Pennsylvania and went on to get an Agricultural Science degree from Penn State University. Ben retired after working as an Agricultural Specialist for the state of Maryland. He teaches Beekeeping courses at Allegany College of Maryland and mentors new beekeepers.

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From Whispers to Reality: An Interview with Irene Cooper, author of FOUND

Irene Cooper is the author of Found, a crime thriller noir set in Colorado, Committal, a poet-friendly spy-fy about family, and Spare Change, a finalist for the Stafford/Hall Award for poetry. Writings appear in Denver Quarterly, The Feminist Wire, The Rumpus, streetcake, Witness, and elsewhere. Irene supports AIC-directed creative writing at a regional prison and lives with her people in Oregon.

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FOUND, by Irene Cooper

In Irene Cooper’s Found, what compels me is the compassion among characters, their empathy for one another, and their insights into what it means to lose a child. The suspense may take me on a ride, but it’s the other passengers that keep me in the car.” ~ Beth Alvarado, Jillian in the Borderlands

Ten years after the drowning of her daughter in the Colorado River, Eleanor Clay subsists finding corpses for Bristlecone Springs PD, until the day she finds three-year-old Lizzie—living, but left-for-dead in a culvert under the railroad tracks.

The crime unspools to a series of brutal kidnappings implicating a local megachurch, a craft beer company, and a cannabis consortium. With the help of Althea Giordano, effervescent forensic botanist for CorpsPursuit—a volunteer organization that recovers cold-case bodies—and Elan DePeña, bike cop for BSPD, Eleanor must climb out of the dark hell of her grief to end the violence before it hits too close to home.

In FOUND by Irene Cooper, characters encroach upon one another’s territories and disturb the ground. Eleanor is pushed out of her dark apartment to face the violence others read about, and sometimes, even unwittingly, perpetrate. Like Eleanor, we look for a villain, quietly suspecting trouble is closer than imagined—maybe, if we admit it, within ourselves.

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Exploring Diverse Themes in Children’s Literature: A Writer’s Guide

In the vast landscape of children’s literature, each book serves as a gateway to a world of imagination and learning. From the whimsical adventures of talking animals to tales of bravery and friendship, children’s books come in various shapes and sizes, each with its unique theme and message. As authors and writers, understanding the significance of different themes can enrich our storytelling, captivating young readers and leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

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An Interview with Mary Camarillo, author of Those People Behind Us

Mary Camarillo is the author of the award-winning novels Those People Behind Us and The Lockhart Women. Her awards include the 2022 Indie Author Project Award for California Adult Fiction, the 2022 Willa Literary Award Finalist in Multiform Fiction, and the 2021 First Place Award in the Next Generation Indies for First Fiction.

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The Hope of Dragons, by Rachel A. Greco

The hope of two species rests on the wings of a dragon.

In the aftermath of Adelaide’s failed attempt to save her people and her beloved man-dragon, Klinhun is left vulnerable and on the brink of war with the neighboring country of Gyndilad. Determined to ensure her people’s survival and secure lasting peace, Adelaide embarks on a perilous quest alongside her loyal hawk, Cyr, in search of the legendary dragons.

However, the dragons prove to be less cooperative than Adelaide anticipated, placing the fate of Klinhun squarely on her shoulders. With the help of a small group of dragons, Adelaide, Cyr, and their newfound allies must confront the Gyndilians and protect their homeland. Yet, the weight of this responsibility threatens to overwhelm Adelaide, especially as she grapples with her own deadly dragon abilities.

As Adelaide navigates the treacherous landscape of Gyndilad, she discovers a web of secrets that jeopardize everything she holds dear, including her closest friend, Gunter. Trapped amidst his enemies, Gunter must find a way back home while struggling to preserve his identity. Will he reunite with his loved ones, or will he lose himself in the clutches of the enemy?

In the fiery sequel to The Gift of Dragons, Adelaide faces not only the formidable Gyndilians but also her own nagging doubts that threaten to consume her. To save the ones she cherishes, she must conquer her inner turmoil and confront the challenges that lie ahead once and for all.

Don’t miss the first book of the duology!

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An Interview with Author George Gorman

How Long the Way is not quite “modern poetry,” in the sense of, “a faster way than short stories or journalism to dive into the narratives of others.” Though I have nothing against the narrative bent, poetry, for me, has been more of a mystical quest, as with Mary Oliver, William Stafford, Vachel Lindsay, e e cummings, Dylan Thomas, Yeats, Hopkins, Hesse, Rilke, Whitman, Dickinson, Shelley, Blake, Goethe, and many more; more about love and freedom and how they can work together.

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Book Catalog (old)

Look at these beautiful books! In addition to having sold tens of thousands of copies, Atmosphere books have received starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklife, and Independent Book Review, and have

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Unsung Heroes: An Interview with Katherine Williams, author of The Glovemaker’s War

I was born and grew up on the Wirral peninsula in Cheshire, England, before moving to London to study Business with French and Spanish. In my late thirties I moved to the United States with my two young sons. Now retired, I live in rural Connecticut where I love to cook for family and friends, garden in my vegetable patch, and walk in the surrounding countryside with my dog, Winnie. An avid reader, I started writing short stories five years ago. My fascination for World War II history, particularly the role of women in the Resistance, led me to write The Glovemaker’s War.

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Unraveled: The DNA Kill Switch, by Mark Henry Thienes

In the late 20th century, the US Government initiated a top-secret program whose sole mission was to develop a DNA Kill Switch that could terminate the DNA sequence of anyone considered an existential threat to the US or humanity.

Fast forward a few decades and the program has failed. But when post-graduate student Cooper Hawking publishes his doctoral dissertation on DNA research, asserting that he has developed a process called “sequential disruption” proven successful in terminating the DNA sequence of mice by “unraveling” the DNA strand with electronic pulsation, the promise of a DNA Kill Switch has new life!

To take advantage of this breakthrough and ensure that the rest of the world does not have access to Cooper’s work, the President of the United States and his trusted allies act quickly to remove Cooper’s dissertation from public view, kidnap Cooper, and transport him to the DNA Research Facility in Colorado. POTUS is convinced that Cooper will be a patriot, cooperate, and build the DNA Kill Switch. When POTUS and team kidnap another prodigy, a top tech engineering student, Angelica (Angel) Suarez, tensions rise.

Cooper and Angel are expected to fully cooperate, and build the DNA Kill Switch in exchange for their ultimate release back into society.

Beware of the unintended consequences.

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All Things In Time, by Sue Buyer

Before anyone cared, before Gloria Steinem and #metoo, ambitious women — a rare breed in the workplace of the 1950s and 60s — were forced to jump hurdles men didn’t face. Nina Silver and Betty Cooper, two of these trailblazers, had little in common and met only once, yet a mysterious death tethered their paths for decades. All Things in Time is the story of these two feisty women in the post-WWII years: their careers, and their personal lives, calculated and otherwise.

Written with rare and wise perspective by the 90+-year-old Sue Buyer, a Vassar College and Columbia Journalism School graduate, the book builds on first-hand observations and experiences in the newsroom of a metropolitan, large-circulation paper. After decades as a professional writer, Buyer has written her first novella.

With both mystery and romance, All Things in Time will appeal not only to those who enjoy a page-turner, but readers who want a glimpse of nostaglia or are curious about the role of women in the workplace of yesteryear. The novella will also appeal to anyone looking to curl up in a nice chair with a good read on a rainy day.

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I Will Love You Forever and Always, by Sarah M. Thomas Mariano


award stickers

I Will Love You Forever and Always” is a delightful book for parents and kids of all ages to read together. Steering a positive path through family life’s ever present tough times is tricky, and Sarah masterfully shows a wonderful way!

-Jean Hamburg, LICSW
Author of “Cooperation Counts! Life-Saving Strategies for Parenting Toddlers to Teens”

This book is a great tool to help families communicate about unconditional love. Unconditional love is something that should be taught and shared with children at a young age. Children need to have that security, knowing that no matter what they do, how they act, or what they say, they will always be loved.
-Delisa Reinoso, M.Ed.

This delightful book teaches a fundamental concept that all children need to understand and internalize: that their parents will always love them no matter what, even when they misbehave and parents get upset, angry, or disappointed. This book gives parents an opportunity to communicate this very important message.
-Veronica Guarino, LICSW

This is a wonderful, engaging book that both parents and children can relate to. It is an enjoyable story for families to read while reinforcing a very important concept.

-Kim Collins, LICSW

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