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An Interview with Danielle Carpenter

Danielle Carpenter is a fiction and non-fiction writer living in Miami, FL. Her work often explores the relationship between technology and the natural world, futuristic societies, and the human condition.

An Interview with Joe Swanson

I live in Oregon. I draw inspiration from the temperate rain forest and people who interact with its varied range and depth. We are on the threshold of changing the…

An Interview with Betty Wall

Betty R. Wall was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures (M.A.), she has spent most of…

An Interview with Mark Harris

Mark Jonathan Harris is a Los Angeles writer/filmmaker who has published essays, award-winning children's novels, and non-fiction books, as well as written, directed, and produced numerous documentary films, three of…

An Interview with Lya Badgley

Lya Badgley writes suspenseful international fiction featuring characters overcoming life-changing odds. Global conflict zones and insurgencies offer a vivid backdrop to her stories. She draws deeply from personal experience living…

An Interview with David VanDevelder

I was born on Mexican Independence Day in Mexico City, Mexico. From the age of three, I grew up in the lush, sun-dappled zombie headquarters of Alexandria Virginia, where I…

An Interview with Margarita Barresi

Raised in Puerto Rico by her grandparents, Margarita Barresi grew up hearing stories about the “good old days”—the genesis for A Delicate Marriage, her first novel. She studied public relations…

An Interview with Jaime Grunfeld

Jaime Grunfeld, LMHC, was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where his parents, who lived in Hungary, fled after its invasion by the Nazis. As a teenager, he came…

An Interview with Elizabeth Slade

Elizabeth G. Slade is the author of Rest Stops, a coming-of-age novel that won the Next Generation Indie Book Award in 2012. In 2021, she published the nonfiction book, Montessori…

An Interview with Deborah Trahan

After nearly twenty years of teaching secondary English, I made good on a challenge I'd issued myself years ago: to write the book I most wanted to read! I'm blessed…