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Our Flagship Publication Service

This is it: a chance to be alongside Atmosphere’s award-winning and bestselling titles, while working hand-in-hand with our experienced and well-credentialed team to bring your project from raw manuscript all the way to a polished artifact in readers’ hands. Including developmental editorial meetings, proofreading, bespoke cover design, sleek interior layout, print and ebook, global distribution, marketing assistance, and a truly personal first-class publishing experience, this is the offering that’s led to this mountain of testimonials. This offer is selective, and pricing is determined via collaborative conversation, so click below to learn more!

Book Orders with Atmosphere

Custom Cover Design

Atmosphere Press has long been acclaimed for the diverse excellence of its cover design, and now we bring our cover design team to you, even if you’re self-publishing or working with another publisher.

Our goal is not just to make gorgeous and successful covers, but covers beloved by the author of the book. We do this by zeroing in on what you want for your cover, both by understanding your book and what you ask for, but also by studying the aesthetics of other book covers that you personally like. Because we can’t build a cover you’ll love until we know what style–from image to color to font to composition–really catches your eye!

With this package, you’ll work personally with our Art Director, and then our team of experienced designers will work hard to build a design that knocks your socks off.

Custom Cover Design

Editorial Coaching

We love helping with in-progress projects, as it’s always great to see a manuscript grow up before our very eyes. So if you want some assistance with a project you’re working on, this is the place. Editorial Coaching includes a series of one-hour meetings with one of our exceptional Developmental Editors to dive into everything you’ve already drafted, give feedback, and help brainstorm possible directions the work could take. It’s pretty great, as it’s like having a writing mentor, an art therapist, and a good friend all at the same time. Also, heads up that Editorial Coaching with Atmosphere doesn’t preclude you from shopping the manuscript for publication elsewhere; it’d also get you a $400 discount on publishing with us down the line, if you’d like.

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Written Manuscript Review

If you just want 2-3 pages of written feedback on your manuscript from a professional editor, this Manuscript Review is what you’re looking for. It includes reading your manuscript and assessing it for publishing viability either for traditional or hybrid publishing, as well as gauging its potential success in the marketplace. This will help you know as clearly as possible whether your manuscript is ready for submission, and whether that ending you’ve been worrying about is sticking the landing, or is in need of refinement. We’ll be generous with the feedback, and honest about your work.

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Back-of-Book Strategy Meeting

The teaser/marketing copy that goes on the back cover of your book–and at the top of an Amazon page–is one of the first things many readers will read about your book. It’s important, and we also understand that this can be one of the most difficult things for an author to write. It can be tricky to distill a whole book down to a small snippet of marketing copy! Luckily, we have Tammy Letherer, our resident expert on crafting this tricky text. Through an in-depth video tutorial and a 45-minute one-on-one meeting, you’ll get direct assistance on building the elevator pitch for your book, ensuring it’s going to be a strong selling point for your work.

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Query Letter Assistance

Let’s be honest: we’d love if you worked with Atmosphere Press to publish, but we understand if you’d like to pursue a traditional publishing contract. That’s why we provide assistance to authors in crafting their agent and publisher query letters–after all, we see about 10,000 submissions a year, so we know what works. Through an in-depth video tutorial and a 45-minute one-on-one meeting with our in-house query expert, you’ll get direct assistance on building a professional agent and publisher pitch for your book, making it a flexible and dynamic document that will put the best foot forward for your manuscript.

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Merchandise Bundle for Your Book

(note: U.S.A.-only). Now this is exciting! With our custom merchandise bundle for your book, we’ll use your book’s cover to make for you a collection of 250 postcards, 100 stickers, 50 ballpoint pens, 2 posters (18″x24″), and, as an author’s bonus, a coffee mug with your book cover on it. Authors have found this to be a really fun bunch of collateral to give away with their book, or help with their branding. And if you’d like double or triple those amounts listed, just order multiple bundles and we’ll get it taken care of. All we’d need to make this happen are the editable files for your book cover, so we can make sure everything is ready to manufacture beautifully!

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Custom Author Website Build Packages

Let us build you a website that stands out amongst the rest! Our team will work with you to build a one-of-a-kind website that informs your audience, and offers you the highest returns on the sale of your book. Whether your looking for a full fledged ecommerce store for your book, or a more minimalist approach, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our deals below.

Premium: 2 years of dedicated support, QR code assistance, website monetization, mailing list integration, digital strategy, and more

Advanced: 6 months of dedicated support, access to premium themes and plugins, a 45 minute video tutorial & website guidance, and more

Audiobook Production and Distribution

Expand your book’s presence in the world by completing the trifecta of publishing formats. Audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment of book publishing and readership, and have become a fan favorite across all genres. Having the right narrator is key, so we’ll pinpoint what you want, and rehearse multiple voice talents to find the best representative for your work. Then we help navigate the production process, and ready your book for wide distribution on sites such as Audible, Apple, Google Play, Spotify, and much more. There’s nothing quite like hearing your book professionally read! Pricing for this is highly dependent on the narrator and the length of your book, so select your book’s word count below to zoom in on the right level.

Book Boost Publicity and Promotion Packages

Our premier Book Boost packages can help you make a great first impression with your book. Work directly with our dedicated and experienced Book Publicity team to get reviews, drive ad traffic, build a local strategy, and make a difference for your book. We have four levels of assistance, so choose the one that suits you best!

Supercharged: 4 months of coverage, premium book reviews, author interviews, NetGalley campaign, hosted online reading, 3x social media/Amazon ads, 3 big strategy calls, and more

Premium: 3 months of coverage, book reviews, author interview, hosted online reading, 2x social media ads, 2 big strategy calls, and more

Advanced: 2 months of coverage, book review, author interview, social media ads, 1 big strategy call, and more

Essential: 1 month of coverage, and you pick four items from a list of necessary publicity options

Illustration for Children's Picture Books

Illustrating a children’s book is a major endeavor, and it’s essential that you find the right partner, not just for the art itself, but for the collaborative vision, timing accountability, and personality. Luckily, Atmosphere works with six exceptional and reliable illustrators–check out the images to see the styles of each of them–and we have a standard illustrator/author contract that guarantees author rights and makes the process clear-cut and precise. This illustration package includes up to 36 single-page images (or 15 spreads, with straightforward pricing for overages), as well as a cover design, all completed in a timely fashion with first-class quality.

Book Trailer

Let us give your book the visual it needs. Book trailers are proven to enhance book sales, and make for a great addition to any website or social media presence.