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Author Interviews

Atmosphere Press is proud to bring readers the Atmosphere Press Presents author interview series. We’re happy to have this archive of excellent interviews and author success stories for you to enjoy. Learn about writers and their books, from book title origin stories to music playlists that relate to their writing to what it was like seeing the cover for the first time.
Atmosphere puts the author experience first, and these interviews make up just one facet of a meaningful and rewarding author journey. Please share your favorite interviews and author success stories on social media, and stay in touch so you can be the first to know when new posts are published. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on interviews, Atmosphere Press Presents readings, and other news!
Shade 1

Poetic Catharsis: An Interview with Elmo Shade, author of The Dark Side of White Bread

Elmo Shade is the author of four poetry collections, his latest being The Dark Side of White Bread: Surviving Our Fathers – A Poetry Chapbook, 2023. His work has been published in The SubjectivJournal, Nine Cloud Journal, and The Pointed Circle, a literary magazine of Portland Community College. Elmo is the Founder of the Camas (WA) Poetry Open Mic and is a certified Mindfulness Teacher Professional recognized by the International Mindfulness Teacher Association. He is an unabashed fan of Double IPAs, Opus-X Cigars, and Rush.
Sprunger 1

The Wonder of Words: An Interview with Tabitha Sprunger, author of Hart Street and Main

Tabitha Sprunger is an art educator, illustrator, and writer. Her debut novel, Hart Street and Main has been a #1 Amazon New Release in YA Magical Realism Fiction, along with receiving 5-Star Readers’ Favorite ratings and being IndieReader approved. The series was recently featured in the August, September, and October editions of LibraryBub. Readers’ Favorite said of her novel, “Hart Street and Main is imaginative and creative,” filled with “vibrant characters.” Book two of the series, Hart Street and Main Metamorphosis was recently released in August 2022 with book three rumored to be in the works. Her writing contains spectacular…
Isaacs 1

Mapping Memories: An Interview with Patti Isaacs, author of The Second Long March

Patti Isaacs is a cartographer and writer who lives in Stillwater, Minnesota. She grew up in a family that loved to travel. She became the unofficial curator of the family subscription to National Geographic, which fueled her interest in maps and the wider world. In college, Patti met Gauss, an Italian who was majoring in Chinese. Ideal partners in travel and life, in 1981 they lived for a year in the city of Xian, China, where they witnessed the last days of communism and the very beginning of China’s conversion to capitalism. In 2005, Patti returned to document the change…
Varona 1

From Pixels to Prose: An Interview with Daniel Varona, author of The Cycle of Eden

Daniel Varona has been a fan of video games from a very early age and was heavily inspired by some recognizable classics. What piqued his interest in writing was the attention to detail those passionate developers pulled off at the time, no matter the technical limitations. Catching these small details impacted and elevated the storytelling experience for any consumer keen enough, making them understand and think on concepts themselves rather than being told everything point blank. This hobby, along with other creative outlets, brought to fruition Daniel’s desire to write his own story.
Stoltzfus 1

Literary Exploration: An Interview with Ben Stoltzfus, author of Transgression

Ben Stoltzfus is Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, and French at the University of California, Riverside. He is a novelist, translator, literary critic, and inter-arts scholar. He has published many articles on twentieth-century French, English, and American writers, twelve monographs of literary criticism on Chennevière, Robbe-Grillet, Gide, Lacan, and others, as well as books on Hemingway, Magritte, D.H. Lawrence, and Jasper Johns. An award-winning writer, he has received a fair share: Fulbright, Camargo, Gradiva, Humanities, Creative Arts, and MLA.
McKee 1

Archaeologist to Author: An Interview with Matthew McKee, author of Keeping the Stars Awake

I was born in Denver, Colorado, but was raised in small-town Wyoming. From a very young age, I was an avid reader and tinkerer with the written word. I had always considered writing the medium that suited me best and always felt a call to it. I went to university in Montana, then ranged up to Alaska where I lived in a small cabin in the woods in the Matanuska Valley. After a year of building trails, I finally made the jump to my lifelong dream of living and working in Japan, where I currently reside on the rural seaside.…
Shapiro 1

A Pen, A Purpose, A Passion: An Interview with Brett Shapiro, author of Late in the Day

Brett Shapiro is an American writer and the author of Late in the Day, a novel published by Atmosphere Press in 2022, and Those Around Him, a novel published in 2019. He is also the best-selling author of L’Intruso, a memoir published in Italy (Feltrinelli) that was later produced into an award-winning film and theatrical production. In addition, Brett is the author of two children’s books, one of which was the recipient of Austria’s National Book Award. Several of his short stories have been performed in theatres throughout Italy, where he lived for 25 years, and his essays and articles…