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Author Interviews

Atmosphere Press is proud to bring readers the Atmosphere Press Presents author interview series. We’re happy to have this archive of excellent interviews and author success stories for you to enjoy. Learn about writers and their books, from book title origin stories to music playlists that relate to their writing to what it was like seeing the cover for the first time.
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An Interview with T.D. Flenaugh

T.D. Flenaugh, the host of the Falling for Learning Podcast, has served as a teacher-mama for elementary, middle, and high school for over two decades with the distinction of National Board Certification. As a teacher consultant, Flenaugh has developed curriculum and courses for the Los Angeles Unified School District, San Bernardino City Unified School District, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Loyola Marymount University, and California State University Fullerton. In addition, she has worked extensively with the UCLA Writing Project and the National Writing Project. Flenaugh also worked to change education policy through fellowships with Educators for…

An Interview with Judy Foy

Judy is a professor, certified grief mentor, chronic pain support group facilitator, breast cancer advocate, author, and speaker. An American by birth, grew up in Africa, returning to the United States at the age of 20. No stranger to the rain, she draws on her lived experience and training to write inspirational fiction and non-fiction, and contributes her expertise in webinars and talks. Having raised two beloved sons, she and her husband divide their time between California and Montana. She enjoys spending time with loved ones, reading, being in nature, photography, and music.

An Interview with I. S. Bashirah

I. S. Bashirah is a 25-year-old poet based in Canada. In 2023, she received the English Society Creative Writing Award for Poetry at the University of Waterloo Department of English Language and Literature Awards Ceremony. In 2024, she was also honoured with the Albert Shaw Poetry Award.

An Interview with Bruce Golden

Bruce Golden’s short stories have been published across more than two dozen countries and 40 anthologies. New Myths magazine said of his novel Red Sky, Blue Moon, "With thematic echoes of Dune, Dances with Wolves, and The Last Samurai, it's an epic tale of adventure and arrogance, discovery and desire, courage and greed.” Asimov’s Science Fiction described his novel Evergreen, "If you can imagine Ursula Le Guin channeling H. Rider Haggard, you'll have the barest conception of this stirring book, which centers around a mysterious artifact and the people in its thrall." His book Monster Town, a satirical send-up of…

An Interview with Cedar Ecker

Cedar Ecker is an NYC based writer, narrative designer, and collaborative storyteller. They have written for the animated series Secrets of Grandelva and Figments, and their short fiction is featured in the Promethean and Progenitor literary magazines. Across genres their work aims to evoke themes of human connection, wonder, and what it means to be acceptable to society.

An Interview with Pam McGaffin

Pam McGaffin is the award-winning author of The Leaving Year (SparkPress, 2018). She is a former journalist who returned to her original passion of writing fiction after a long career in newspapers and public-relations. Her short stories have appeared in online literary journals, and her articles and essays have been featured in newspapers and magazines. She and her family live in Seattle, where there are many crows.

An Interview with Jonnie Hyde

I am a 73-year-old retired psychologist living in Washington State. I've also lived in Florida, California, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Oregon. I am married and have a overly excitable but very lovable Golden Retriever.

An Interview with Hua Ai

Hua Ai (Nikolina) is from Shanghai, China. She is an educator based in London. She holds an English Literature degree from King's College London. She is a published feminist fiction writer in Mandarin. Her English poetry has been featured in print by Crumps Barn Studio and online by The Field Guide Magazine, The87 Press, Otolith, Literary Yard, and Writing in a Woman's Voice.

An Interview with Dmitri Jackson

Jackson’s work has been featured in the Riverfront Times, Curiosus Magazine, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. For the past decade, he’s managed Frotoon Press, an independent publisher of personal comic narratives exploring music, politics, culture, and identity. He is the two-time winner of the North Street Book Prize for Graphic Novel & Memoir. His creative inspirations include Ben Passmore, Ralph Bakshi, Hunter S. Thompson, Spike Lee, Thelonius Monk, and The Simpsons.

An Interview with Laura Petrisin

I’m a retired teacher living in the mountains of North Carolina where I write and illustrate children’s books. I’m a member of SCBWI and Storyteller Academy. My debut picture book Get Real, Lucille, published by Monarch Press will be coming out July 1, 2025. I’ve illustrated numerous picture books by other authors such as Pearl Girl by Stephen Rabley, published by Penguin, There’s A Dog On My Head by Patricia Pollock and The Songbird and the Flower by Chip Brogden

An Interview with Andrea Corwin

Andrea Corwin is a Washington State adventure novelist and scary-story writer. In years past, her free verse poetry was published in the Christian Science Monitor Home Forum, small press literary magazines, and local newspapers. She has written human resource blogs and local opinion pieces and has been published in Bereavement Magazine. After a small break, she now has short fiction stories, non-fiction, and poetry, as well as “first chapter” contest entries online with Vocal and reedsyprompts.

An Interview with Parisa Ally Ahmadi

My name is Parisa Ally Ahmadi. While my given name is Parisa, I go by "Ally" in my personal and creative endeavors, a name that resonates deeply with my soul. I was born in Iran in 1996 as a refugee and later returned to my motherland, Afghanistan, when I faced rejection in Iran during my second grade. This experience not only shaped my identity but also inspired the name "Ally," which I hold dear.