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A Florist Called Daisy, by Elsie G. Beya

Meet a florist called Daisy: she’s sassy, sarcastic and guarded, and definitely does not need or want a man.

Enter Stewart Burns, the charming sexy frontman of indie band Cardinal. Their lives are as different as snowdrops to sunflowers, yet there’s something about Stewart that Daisy can’t ignore.

For their relationship to work fully, Daisy must peel away the tough outer petals she hides behind to let Stewart and her friends see her for who she is—scars and all.

Can Daisy allow herself to bloom in the full sun of an unexpected but exciting life as Stewart-from-Cardinal’s girlfriend, with their lives like entwined roots, or will she be left in the shade with a broken heart and shattered dreams?

In A Florist Called Daisy, Elsie G. Beya explores love, happiness, friendship, secrets, self-harm and the illusive girl-code through the rural weather and landscape of the North, Star Wars, songs, the sea and an abundance of flowers.

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