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A Journey’s Promise: The Helio Series, by Johnny Hall

On the night his parents mysteriously died in their sleep, Edward Duffey had an intense nightmare, the first of many to come…

Edward, a young man who has lost his family, survived an abusive marriage, and owns a business with a couple of friends, has seemingly found his way back to a happy and fruitful life. It isn’t until a woman named Alice enters his romantic sights that he notices a pattern of changes. People around him notice as well, especially those who have been searching for a long time, waiting for him to fulfill a prophecy from a forgotten time. Those from the past are instilled with powers, but not all of them are there to help Edward.

In A Journey’s Promise by Johnny Hall, we experience loss, betrayal, and a powerfully magical history that we were never taught growing up. Through adversity and the unknown, we discover what true friendship is, and at what lengths people will go to protect the ones they love.

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