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A Lifetime of Men, by Ciahnan Darrell

Unfold the intertwined dramas of three generations of small-town Maine women challenging societal norms in A Lifetime of Men.

Bo, defying expectations, embarks on a career in photojournalism in an era when women are meant for marriage and homemaking. Her pursuit of captivating stories leads her into perilous situations, jeopardizing her life on multiple occasions. Despite her best friend’s offers of help, protection, and marriage, Bo remains resolute in carving her own path.

Sarah, a teenage orphan, discovers a meaningful connection with someone twelve years her senior—a convicted felon. Caught between a stable home and a loving relationship provided by the woman supporting her, Sarah faces a difficult choice.

Tolan stumbles upon a file on her mother’s computer, unraveling disturbing questions about her past. Simultaneously, her best friend transitions from confidante to secret girlfriend. Overnight, Tolan’s understanding of herself and her family undergoes a seismic shift, compelling her to risk her closest relationships in pursuit of answers.

Interweaving the tales of Bo, Sarah, and Tolan, A Lifetime of Men navigates the delicate balance between reality and hope, commitment and independence, and love and self-reliance.

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