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A Patient Hunger, by Skip Renker

“These are wise poems, often wry and earthy, often psalm-like, that discover the sacred in the mundane, profound in the prosaic.” – Larry Levy, All the Dead Are Holy, What Outlives Us, and Blessed Arrangements

In these noisy, divisive, fearful times, Skip Renker’s poems tap into the reader’s capacities for observation, compassion, and fruitful listening. They often evoke the natural world, where “silence shelters” in the dark leaves of a maple, as well as busy family life, where a mother finds “meaning in all that motion.” These poems range widely in subject matter from the loss of friends to the power of certain movies to the nature of prayer, using clear and accessible language.

In Skip Renker’s A Patient Hunger, his fourth book of poetry, we see again that in this confusing world it’s still possible to take solace in the gradual awakening of an attentive heart.

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