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A Prophecy in Ash, by Julie Zantopoulos

The balance between realms is tipping. Can the world survive a love like theirs?

Aisling has more than earned time to relax with the men she loves, but just because a killer is in jail doesn’t mean their reign of terror is over. Besides, who can take time off when planning a royal wedding that’s prophesied to unite the realms?

Riordan craves justice for the acts of violence against his family and the more time he spends in Faerie the more he fears the dropping of the Veil. Worry and guilt plague him. Something has to give, and it might be him.

Brynach has never been more hopeful about his future and his place with Aisling and Riordan. But he’s tired of the court’s political games, and he’s done playing nice.

Together, they’ll fight for the life they want and the love they believe in.

The second of the In Ash series brings you back into a world of magic, Fae, witches, and high stakes. Aisling, Riordan, and Brynach need to prepare for the battle of a lifetime or risk losing themselves entirely. They’re ready for the fight, are you?

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