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A to Z and Covid 19, by Barrie Berson Frankel

Like you, these 20 children experienced an unprecedented time and created a visual story of what it was like to live through a global pandemic.

This ABC rhyming memoir marks a time in history where fear, growth, accomplishment, sadness, and learning are seen through the perspective of children. From the first page with the letter A, to the very end with the letter Z, children can share in the familiarity of each other’s experiences. Whether it was staying home and navigating virtual school, or having simple joys like getting to see a family member for the first time in a year, children share the many ways they learned and grew.

In A to Z and Covid 19 by Barrie Berson Frankel, we experience life in 2020 through the eyes of children. This book demonstrates how much was learned outside the classroom and beyond the books, and the lessons children ages 7-17 will carry with them as we all re-enter life in a post-pandemic world.

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