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A User Guide to The Unconscious Mind, by Tatiana Lukyanova

At every moment of our existence, emotions play an important social
role, having perhaps the major influence on our perception of the world,
and how we interact with it. Successful communication, mutual understanding, and agreement are
the keys to success in nearly all areas of life. For example…
How much are you aware of your emotional state and the non-verbal
signals you send during a conversation? How much are you aware of the
emotional state of others, and how constructively are you dealing with
it? What is the impact cultural differences have on the course of a
conversation? What other psychological aspects are able to distort your
objective view of a situation?

Decades of psychological research has thorough answers to all of these
questions, and A User Guide to The Unconscious Mind explains the latest
science in simple terms and examples. It will be a fascinating journey, full
of discoveries that will change your life for the better!


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