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A Very Simple Estate Planning Guide That Goes Beyond Creating a Will, by Cheryl Gill

You know you should have a will but how do you know when it’s the “right” time for such a thing? Is it when you get married? Have children? Own a house? Retire? When is it? And what the heck is estate planning?

The news shows us every day that people of all ages die or are impaired, either temporarily or permanently, by unforeseen and sometimes unimaginable events. And sometimes it’s just life itself, like a fall, an infection, a disease. Think about that. Your life can be drastically changed or ended any day, at any age, by something you have no control over.

This book will empower you to take control where you can over many important areas in your life. You will learn about your medical care, finances, property, and even personal topics that are often overlooked. Topics that can impact not only you and your loved ones while you are living, but also after you’re gone. It will empower you to make decisions now, so others don’t decide for you later.

And the best part: you don’t even have to call it estate planning. Call it your life plan, your legacy plan, your family plan. Call it whatever you want! It’s your plan.

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