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Abnormal Ends, by Bryan McBee

In a not-so-distant future, the world is immersed in the all-encompassing realm of the internet. Smart technology implanted directly into human bodies has merged the virtual and physical realms, transforming the way people live and interact. However, this interconnectedness has also given rise to a sinister presence known as the Scourge, a prolific serial killer who exploits the seamless connectivity to track and murder unsuspecting victims, utilizing the very tools designed to unite humanity.

Dominique Fydorova, a survivor of the Scourge’s carnage, finds herself caught between the relentless pursuit of law enforcement, who believe she is the murderer, and the Scourge, who seeks to eliminate any threats to its anonymity. Assisting her is Juan McCormack, a former FBI agent who discovered the Scourge’s malevolent actions but was unable to pursue the investigation within the confines of the agency.

Together, Dominique and Juan embark on a perilous journey to unmask the identity of the Scourge and deliver justice before they too become victims. Abnormal Ends paints a chilling picture of a potential future, delving into the dangers and consequences of rapid technological advancement with gripping intensity.

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