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Adam’s Roads, by Edwin Litts

Those eternal seconds, when that first wonderful eye contact is established: Wow! Is there anything more hopeful than that?

Late out of the gate with starting college and a career, the now determined but insecure Adam’s eyes happen upon the most beautiful Mary Bellemore. Oh, was her raven dark hair so rich and abundant, her stature confident and sure. She would be the young woman for him, Adam decides. Surely his strive to succeed and improve will get her attention. He needs to get busy now in that quest. Adam has to get just perfect for her. She is worth that!

Your eyes are indeed beautiful Mary. Hopefully soon, I will get the courage to walk over to you. You will see someday that I am as confident and honest as you.

In Edwin Litts’ engaging ‘Adam’s Roads’, we encounter an utterly readable adventure, and we’ll be carried along as we witness a coming of age for the young Mr. Adam Bell.

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