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Adriel Peregrine, by Michael G Tavella

Adriel Peregrine, whose surname means wanderer or pilgrim, once embraced the teachings of Christ instilled in him during childhood. However, a series of tragic events, including the loss of friends and service in the Civil War, led him astray from his faith. Immersed in a life of debauchery marked by alcohol, prostitutes, and opium, Adriel became a wanderer in the desolate wilderness of the world.

Amidst the trials and temptations of his journey, Adriel encounters individuals who guide him toward the path of spiritual renewal-the Way of Holiness. As he grapples with the consequences of his intemperate and faithless existence, Adriel faces a crucial question: Will he succumb to the darkness that surrounds him, or will he find deliverance and redemption?

Adriel Peregrine raises profound questions about the nature of our own life journeys and the choices we make in navigating the challenges and temptations that confront us. Through Adriel’s story, readers are prompted to ponder whether they will remain lost in the desert of despair or seek solace in the streams of divine grace.

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