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Alley: I Have Albinism, by Alethea Allen

Alley is a third grader ready to take on the world—but is the world ready for her?

What do you do when you have a condition that makes you look very different from your family and friends? What if it means you have to do things a little differently than everyone else? You help the world learn all about you, of course! Alley has albinism and she wants to tell everyone all about it. She understands that being an albino means that she has to approach some things a little differently, but it doesn’t stop her from doing all the things that she loves.

Children with albinism and their families don’t often get to tell their stories. And with a condition this rare, finding information and meeting others like you doesn’t happen a lot. This book hopes to bring awareness and understanding of albinism to both children and adults alike. It hopes to show that different doesn’t mean bad, and that not being able to do things the same way as everyone else doesn’t mean not being able to do those things at all.

Join along on Alley’s journey to learn about courage, confidence, and being yourself!

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