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Allie the Albino Squirrel, by E.K. McCoy

A percentage of all proceeds will go to foundations that support children’s hospitals and literacy programs

For any child who has ever felt unsure about the kind of squirrel they truly are.

Allie is the only albino squirrel in all of Waverly Woods. Being the only one with white fur makes her feel different and unsure of herself. With the help of Momma Squirrel and a new friend, Bree, Allie is reminded that the color of her fur isn’t the only thing that defines her. Really, what defines her is all the wonderful qualities that live inside of her heart.

In Allie the Albino Squirrel, author E.K. McCoy uses her years of experience working with children to remind us that there isn’t just one thing that defines who we are. All the qualities we possess are used to better the world, and where Allie sees herself as “strange,” Bree sees her as beautiful and kind. With fun illustrations by Ghazal Qadri, this wonderful book of self-acceptance will be a joy to all children!

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