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ALT, by Aleksandar Nedeljkovic

Can humankind be saved from itself before it’s too late?

ALT offers a glimpse into a perilous near-future version of our world—one we feared would come for us but desperately tried to ignore. Civilization has entered a nearly irrevocable downward spiral following a history of misguided priorities and the corrosive effects of unchecked greed, political polarization, our reckless dependence on fossil fuels, and a flagrant disregard for the importance of maintaining a harmonic balance with nature.

Our last hopes lie in Sundance—a radical new technology aimed at harnessing solar energy through artificial photosynthesis—but time is running out. Sundance’s original design was destroyed under suspicious circumstances along with its inventor, Augustus Smith. An intrepid band of scientists attempting to resurrect the project have called upon Augustus’s son, Theo Smith, a brilliant computer scientist, to help—but dark forces threaten to stand in the way.

At its core, ALT is a warning about what awaits us if we fail to rein in our worst impulses and examine the unintended consequences of technological development, and ignore the signs of a planet in crisis. It’s also a plea for change—so we can hand down a better version of the world to future generations.

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