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Amygdala Blue, by Paul Lomax

Compelling as The Color Purple, palpable as The Invisible Man, and as painful as The Souls of Black Folk, Amygdala Blue is a dark excursion triangulating socio-historical ‘beliefs’.

Despite our constant unraveling, despite our continuous urge to become disentangled with one another, we are forever bound to each other, and Nature. Our maternal, romantic, rebellious bonds compel us to belong to each other. This fierce intimacy has the potential to stretch emotional, moral, and faith-based boundaries.

Painted in poetic hues and savage creative nonfiction choices, Amygdala Blue canvases the ‘Presence of Absence’ through the lens of three socio-political themes – Religion, Racism, and Relationships.

In Amygdala Blue by Paul Lomax, the author speaks with an unconventional tone, sometimes distilled and surgically dissected, other times, brash and poetically emotional. Overall, we experience existential dread and surrealistic truth, associated with mental health, personal freedom, and the healing power of nature.

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