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An Inheritance, by Mark Albert

Thomas Cole and his younger brother, Andy, attempt to revive their broken relationship in the aftermath of their father’s untimely death.

When Cole travels back to his childhood home for the funeral Andy seizes on his older brother’s return and proposes a weekend trip to their father’s cabin in the mountains, a place where the two brothers were once happy and close. Forced to choose between fraternal loyalty and his internal resistance to what he perceives as a bothersome reassessment of his childhood, Cole gives in to his brother’s persuasions and agrees to the nostalgic trip to their father’s property, a cabin deep in the Colorado woods. After what starts out as a sharing of fond old memories, the brothers’ opposing agendas for the property reopen old emotional wounds.

This uncomfortable reunion with his brother tears down Cole’s veneer of competent control, exposing the tension between the primal needs of individuation and family loyalty.

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