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An MFA for Your MBA, by Phillip Scott Mandel

Rock star. Ninja. Zig-zag. If these words make you want to puke, then this book is for you. If these words sometimes find their way into your writing, then this book is also for you.

The world of business is filled with jargon, cliché, and nauseating “work-speak.” Most emails are boring, confusing, or too long. More and more often we encounter mindless and enervating “content,” much of which is generated by content mills or AI.

In An MFA for your MBA, award-winning writer, editor, and ad exec Phillip Mandel offers authoritative instructions on improving writing skills. From the magic of metaphors to eliminating uninspired clichés, this book provides tips on keeping readers engaged and absorbing criticism, and outlines why it all really, really matters.

Combining the skills and techniques of a graduate-level MFA program in creative writing with decades of expertise in marketing as a marketing guru, Mandel delivers practical advice on becoming a better, more creative communicator in business and life.

Atmosphere Press

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