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Another Butterfly, by Howchi Kilburn

In support of dreaming into existence a more quintessential way of being, the four friends have been learning from Grandmother Xochitl and from Mother Earth Herself. Journeys of soul and spirit have shown them an array of marvels that usually remain unseen.

Wu, Daphne, Atsa and Aiyana embark on a road trip across Northern New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Their destination is family, but along the way beings from more golden planes of existence, who have lived forever in these mountains and canyons, invite them into dimensions filled with ease and wonder. Among their guides along the way, perhaps the most magically talented one masquerades as a middle-aged middle-American tourist in an RV. As a shape-shifter he is also sometimes a lovely alluring woman or a sweet loving mother.

The friends are shown the birth of Turtle Island and practice ancient forms of initiation. They each flower in their own unique way on an endlessly evolving quest toward ultimate truth, which is polymorphous and flashes a melange of intriguing faces.

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