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Around the Edges: Book I, by Henry Wyatt Parr

Around the Edges, a noir-inspired literary thriller, is an intermingling of lives tied together by love, loss, death, madness, and intrigue.

A reclusive poet mourns the loss of his beloved wife in a house that has become a monument to his grief. A stalwart young prosecutor discovers that simply doing her job has cost her everything she holds dear. And an untested homicide detective stumbles into the case that may come to define her career.

In Around the Edges: Book I by Henry Wyatt Parr, Whitney Horowitz, a tenacious Assistant District Attorney in Boston, sifts through the aftermath of a personal tragedy as she begins to discover how far the conspiracy around her reaches. She simultaneously — and reluctantly — becomes embroiled in the ongoing pursuit of perhaps the most evasive foe she has yet faced in her career, all while struggling to rediscover who she is in the face of the enormity of her own loss.

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