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At Risk: A Journey with Alcohol Abuse and Korsakoff’s Syndrome, by Karl Muller

Twelve to fourteen percent (12-14%) of the estimated 14.5 million Americans who abuse alcohol are at risk of developing Wernicke-Korsakoff’s Syndrome (WKS). This syndrome arises from a severe deficiency in Vitamin B1 caused by alcohol abuse, which can lead to brain damage, impaired cognitive function, amnesia, and even death. Early intervention is paramount in preventing and treating alcohol abuse and WKS, as it can potentially save lives in acute cases.

Understanding WKS becomes crucial when a family member is grappling with alcohol addiction. It often goes undiagnosed due to imprecise diagnostic criteria and its similarity to other disorders, but unlike other forms of dementia, 75% of WKS patients can experience some reversal of its effects if treated early.

Drawing from a decade of personal experience caring for an alcoholic spouse who developed WKS, Karl Muller offers invaluable insights and resources to assist spouses, partners, and families in making informed decisions regarding diagnosis, treatment, and care management.

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