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Auraria, by Tab Stephens

“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome princess?” demands the crown prince of Llanos.

Princess Elisa knows that her uncle, Prince Logan, believes she’s the root of all his problems. Having uncovered the crimes of his followers and gained support from merchants and commoners, she refuses to yield to his will. With her aunt out of the picture, Elisa stands as the greatest obstacle to Logan’s ascension to the throne. Desperate to secure his position, Logan seeks to eliminate Elisa permanently.

Faced with a dire decision, Elisa must choose between abandoning the life she’s built in Llanos or risking her safety by staying. The only person she trusts is Dame Lily, her loyal guardian knight and best friend. But remaining in Llanos means facing Logan’s wrath. A sudden wedding proposal from Prince Ryne of Vorland presents Elisa with a chance for a fresh start. Will their skills, magic, and the allies they encounter on their journey help them evade Prince Logan’s grasp, or will the assassins he dispatches and the perils of the road spell doom for the courageous princess and her steadfast companion?

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