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Becoming Forever Families, by Robert Callaway

What Will Our Families Be Like After This Life?

We desire our strong, loving family connections we presently experience, to continue in the Spirit World and beyond.
What is Christ’s real plan for our families after this life?

This great question is answered here. You will learn about:
• What Christ’s blessings are for us, now and forever
• What the real purpose of this life is for us and our families
• What Christ’s plan is for those with no family in this life
• How we can actually become as Christ is now, and the purpose of doing it
• How Christ can lovingly help us

This sequel continues the life story of the Wilkinson family, showing us how to become a forever family. It illustrates how we can view ourselves from an even greater perspective, and shows our true missions in life.

Included is a thought-provoking Reading Guide, to assist you to have a much better understanding of yourself. You will truly see the great significance of living this life, individually and with your family, along with your incomprehensible potential after this life is completed. Becoming Forever Families will prove to be very beneficial for everyone.

This work also promises to make great reading for a book club.

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