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Blacklisted, by Lisa Walker

Blacklisted begins with Phoenix Lawyer. A once highly decorated detective and profiler, now he is bound to a desk because of his bungling of a high profile serial killer case. Unhappy and depressed, he was too busy wallowing in his own misery to keep up with current events, until one day he gets a shot at redemption. Sent out to a crime scene, he learns something shocking: there is another serial killer in Whitefish, Montana.

As he begins his investigation, he is determined not to repeat the mistakes he made in the past. He keeps his head down as he works quietly to form his own theory of the crimes. He reveals nothing of his own beliefs as to who the murderer might be, but things become complicated when Internal Affairs suspects he himself may be the killer.

Suddenly the hunter has become the hunted. Not only by I.A., but the killer as well, who believes Phoenix is getting too close. Nothing will stop Phoenix, though, and when the true identity of the killer is revealed, no one is prepared…

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