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Broken Record, by Jacqueline Grandey

To prove her independence, Alexandria Rae defies everything her Christian wealthy Texan mother groomed her to be.

As a starving artist interning for the local music paper, she forgoes her mother’s wishes and elects to reside in a grungy loft in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas. Living amongst outcasts, defiant on survival, this Alexandria befriends a sexually confident stripper who introduces her to the adult entertainment world. She runs amuck with a local rock band on the edge of fame named Whip. Through the excitement and sexual adventures this southern belle falls for a handsome record label executive named Gage Heston. He sweeps her off her feet by enticing her to change and inhale his world of money, possessions, and power. Alex quickly becomes entangled in his deceitful, abusive, controlling web.

As friends stray further, Alex alone needs to muster the courage to take back the reins of her own life and plan her escape. While untangling this web, she opens her eyes up to the one man who loved her all along. In Broken Record by Jacqueline Grandey we learn that money, power, and possessions are NOT always the path to happiness. When Alexandria accepts her true authentic self, she realizes she doesn’t need to change to fit into someone’s idea of who she should be. Instead, she ultimately finds happiness by embracing who she is and surrounding herself with people who love and support everything she aspires to be.

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