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Cheers to Baseball, by Darren Munns

“Cheers to Baseball is a down to Earth, fun loving, real life look into what athletics truly teaches and the many stories behind those lessons. Darren Munns captures the true essence of these lifetime lessons you learn through sports and through life.”
~ Larissa Anderson, Head Softball Coach, University of Missouri

“In crafting a lengthy career which has molded countless young men, Coach Munns has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how the vicissitudes of life are mirrored in baseball. This is a must-read for anyone looking to gain insight into effective qualities of leadership in any endeavor.”
~ Doug Feldmann, Author and former Major League Scout

“Coach Munns is one of the greatest baseball minds I’ve ever encountered, and a larger than life character. Cheers to Baseball pulls back the curtain on a one-of-a-kind baseball life and career. Once you pick it up, you won’t put it down.”
~ Roy Hallenbeck, Coach for the Major League Baseball Identification Tour and former high school and college baseball coach

“I’ve known Coach Munns for 30 years. His coaching anecdotes, leadership advice, and entertaining stories are on full display in Cheers to Baseball. This is a true baseball masterpiece!”
~ John Szefc, Head Baseball Coach, Virginia Tech University

“I have coached college baseball for nearly three decades, but in reality baseball has coached me.” ~ Darren Munns

Enjoy the insightful and wildly entertaining story of a college baseball coach that transformed four college baseball programs, who either didn’t exist or were perennial losers, into improbable winners against all odds. Coach Munns details his keys to successful leadership including Contrarian philosophies, unique strategies for developing people skills, and the importance of having FUN.

Cheers to Baseball by Darren Munns is a baseball jewel, but this easy read is truly beneficial for coaches of other sports, entrepreneurs, supervisors, and all aspiring leaders. Prepare to have your thoughts provoked and laugh out loud while gaining valuable leadership lessons.

Darren Munns has coached college baseball for 30 seasons at five different schools. He lives in Columbia, MO with his wife and daughter.

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